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Door handle and door furniture are the point of interaction between human and building,
feeling of the architecture in your hands…

Our team
of professionals

is in a state of continuous searching for something impressive and new, unique product, the formula of which includes a special design and leading technology, successful business and a sense of home cosiness.
For our experts, door fittings are something much more than just an ergonomic tool.



Communication with customers that impressive. Solutions that help reach a new level

Dealers and distributors will find in Eurozamok an attentive and responsible partner for searching and delivering quality products that they can not find elsewhere. 


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Who we are

Real people – successful cooperation

We offer you our experience to help make your project the best solution. Samples, catalogues, technical support and inspiration – all of this you will find with us. We offer a range of state-of-the-art tools and accessories for door manufacturers producing premium and high quality products. We supply the highest quality components for doors – drop-down seals, adjustable hinges, pivot and sliding door systems, access control systems and special accessories, etc.

Our history

We operate since 1996.


For more than 20 years we have been engaged in realization of door fittings from leading European manufacturers. The term “door fitting” means much more than handle and lock. This are: hinge, door stopper and holder, door closer, opening-closing door system, glass hardware, accessories, such as hinge covers, pictograms or ventilators. Products we offer are manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards and developed by leading European designers.
Often door handle is an element of interior that pay the least attention. But with the right choice and coordination with the interior, they give the room a unique charm.
Here you will find only high-quality, stylish hardware that will decorate and protect your door!
Our team is a small family, that always follows the course of technical evolution and adaptation to economic and market challenges. We are looking for partners for joint development.
Eurozamok – quality in every detail!


When we talk about Lesia, come to mind only words starting with “the most” – the most attentive, the most kind, the most cheerful. She has special aura, her charisma fascinates, she is a good friend, she is active, positive and always young. You can only admire by her inner freedom and optimism.

Lesia Hamuliak

Such people as Myron are irreplaceable at work, at home and with friends. He is an example to follow, ideal of temperance, seriousness and multitasking. If he is absent, everyone knows that motive force of the team is missing. You can always ask for advice on any, even the most complicated question.

Myron Hamuliak

The most charming and the most attractive – these words are perfectly describing Marta. She is graceful, cute, attractive, smiling and self-confident. She always looks flawless and keeps up with the trends. She is sociable and funny. It seems that there is no person in the word with which she not be able to find a common language. 

Marta Berko

Beauty will save the world! Especially when it comes to beautiful externally and internally people like Natalia. She is romantic and delicate, but at the same time she is intelligent, serious, reasonable and erudite. Natalia is bright, genuine and social. Her smile is contagious – it is simply unrealistic not to return it in response.

Natalia Kovtun

She is so attentive to details that she could compete with Sherlock Holmes. It still remains a mystery how she can keep under control, think out and calculate everything. She can’t postpone things for later. And although she is a strong woman, Julia remains a real lady – feminine and charming. 

Julia Bernat

 Do you know the phrase – “Clever hands make light work”? This saying perfectly describes Yurii. Everything, he does, will be brought to an end and made scrupulously. He does not know the word “problem”, does not afraid of challenges and knows how to find a way out of any situation. For him live is a movement, and the more active is better!

Yurii Hamuliak

If his vital energy could be converted into electricity, he would provide the whole Lviv with light. Yurii is a battery-man who charges everyone around with positive and optimism, joker and good-natured, soul of the company. Modern Superman and sweets are his only kryptonite.

Yurii Horin

 Young and promising, with a good sense of humor, educated and clever, calm and reticent. Yaroslav is always ready for new challenges and discoveries. He is one of those lucky ones who can find inspiration in simplest thing. And this approach to life is a guarantee of further success.

Yaroslav Kaminskyi


Reliability. Style. Success

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